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Rory's Story Cubes
Title: Rory's Story Cubes
Platform: Toys
Rating: 0+ (PEGI)
Release Date: 23 Feb 2018
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  • Rory's Story Cubes
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This Original set is a perfect first pack of Rory’s Story Cubes pocket sized story generator. Simply roll the 9 dice and begin your story, ‘Once upon a time….’ and use the embossed images to spark your imagination. With just four lines of instructions and no time or story length limits and no right or wrong answers, anyone can become a great storyteller.

Rory’s story Cubes are a fantastic, fun way to inspire creative thinking, encourage social confidence, develop language, improve vocabulary and promote problem solving skills for ages six and above.
Presented in a little magnetic box Rory’s Story Cubes are perfect for travel, waiting in a restaurant in the classroom, as an icebreaker, for idea generation, or to make learning a new language more fun – the uses are endless.
The nine dice, each with a unique image on all sides holds a total of 54 images – This means that with every roll, there are over a million combinations to use for storytelling inspiration.
Rory’s Story Cubes Originals have received Dr. Toy's ‘10 Best Games’ Award, the ‘Major Fun Award’ and ‘People’s Choice Award’ amongst others.

  • Pocket sized creative story generator which encourages imagination and language development
  • Roll the nine dice to make one of over a million combinations for limitless storytelling fun
  • Original and fun, non-competitive game
  • For ages 6+ playing alone or with friends
  • If you're buying your first set of Rory's Story Cubes - this is the pack for you

Pictures are for illustrative purposes only